Hot off the press

You can handle the post-truth: an emerging map of the surreal present

The internet is feeling more and more like The Matrix every day. What’s real, what’s fake? It’s hard to keep your map up to date when the territory’s constantly changing. How should we make sense of wtf is happening on the internet in 2019? And how might we move beyond our ecosystem of fragmented realities?

The spreading of threading

We’re witnessing the rise of a new online medium — the threadweb. It started on Twitter, but its logic is quickly expanding to other parts of the internet. What are its origins, and how might it change the way we consume content in the future?

Fools and their time metaphors

Digital calendars were supposed to make us feel at peace and in control. Instead, we feel scatter-brained, anxious, and over-booked. How have these tools shaped the way we think about time? And how might we free ourselves from the prison of the Gregorian grid?

Smartphones, superstition, and the postmodern condition

In the not-so-distant past, we diagnosed people who feared they were always being watched with paranoid schizophrenia. Now, that same fear is just a realistic understanding of how the world works. What are we to make of this shift?

The market for mindfulness

Until recently, I assumed that mindfulness was a relatively new development in American life—a product of the West’s recent obsession with yoga and Eastern mysticism. Now, I’m beginning to realize that this is not our first rodeo. What can we learn from previous revolutions in thought, and how might we make sense of the underlying patterns in our ideological evolution?

Why people work: a quick field guide

A rough map of 21st century worker tribes. Why they work, what work is for, and what makes their work worthwhile.

Creating excuses for community

Why do we read the news, how does it change the way we relate to one another, and how can we create more connectedness amongst strangers?